Katana 8ftx4ft CO2 Hybrid metal laser cutter

Retail Price: $21,500.00
Price: $17500.00
  • SKULSR-KT25130150W


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Katana Hybrid CO2 metal/ non-metal laser cutter
Ultra strong built chassis for high stability performance

warranty: 1 year on machine(optional extended warranty available), one year on laser tube
Basic information:
Power: 130W upgradable to 150W
Work area: 2500x1300mm (8ft x 4ft)
DSP: Ruida hybrid controller
Cooling: Water cooled (chiller required)
Bed: blades
Gas assisted: Oxygen
Metal cut: Mild steel or Stainless steel (better result)
Capability: 1.85mm stainless steel and 2.5mm mild steel

Comparison vs. Fiber laser metal cutter:
     Pros: Low cost, easy maintenance, cut metal and non-metal, upgradable

     Cons: Slag, rough cutting edge, burn mark, precise focus point required

You may send us drawing for test cut. For drawing over 8”, we may need to charge material cost.



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